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My Kingdom For The Princess

Rank: 128Level: ★★★
World Wars 2

Rank: 147Level: ★★★★
Knight Elite
Fight the enemies and level up in this action game!
Rank: 307Level: ★★★
Monster Battle

Rank: 312Level: ★★★
Final Ninja Zero
A ninja adventure game! Defeat the enemies and machines with your shuriken!
Rank: 420Level: ★★★
Papa Louie 2
Get back your customers in this adventure game! Defeat the evil burgers!
Rank: 469Level: ★★★

Rank: 504Level: ★★★
Zombotron 2
Go on an adventure in this zombie game! There are tons of zombies in the cave!
Rank: 515Level: ★★★
Mechanical Commando 2
Defeat the enemies in this shooting game!
Rank: 515Level: ★★★
The Pyramid Maze

Rank: 543Level: ★★★★★

Rank: 543Level: ★★★

Rank: 649Level: ★★★
Vikings vs. Monsters

Rank: 649Level: ★★★
Red Head

Rank: 649Level: ★★★

Rank: 689Level: ★★★★
Big Bucks
Build a town in this board game!
Rank: 743Level: ★★★★
Pirates Musketeers
Cute pirates are misbehaving in this action game! Shoot and punch your way through the game! There's also a two-player mode!
Rank: 743Level: ★★★
Test Subject Green
Use your head in this action adventure game! Grab the yellow rocks and head for the goal!
Rank: 772Level: ★★★★

Rank: 772Level: ★★★★
Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple

Rank: 807Level: ★★★

Rank: 807Level: ★★★
Nelly 2: Episode 1
Create a path in this adventure game! The animals a super cute!
Rank: 912Level: ★★★★
Silly Ways to Die: Adventures

Rank: 912Level: ★★★
The Quest For Something
Don't fall as you progress in this adventure game! If you fall, you have to try again!
Rank: 912Level: ★★★
Dino Strike
Defeat the enemies and collect the items in this action game!
Rank: 912Level: ★★★
3 Foot Ninja
Become a ninja and defeat your enemies in this ninja game!
Rank: 964Level: ★★★
Frozen Elsa Save Olaf

Rank: 964Level: ★★★
Master of Catapult 2: Earth of Dragons
Control the cannon and fire to defeat your enemies in this escape game!
Rank: 1012Level: ★★★
Downhill Hamsterball
Head for the goal in your hamsterball in this fun game!
Rank: 1012Level: ★★
Stranded Deep

Rank: 1063Level: ★★★
Leave Me A Clone
Use your clone to head toward the goal in this adventure game!
Rank: 1125Level: ★★★★★
Jewel Duel

Rank: 1125Level: ★★★
Cactus McCoy 2
Look for treasure in this action game! Pick up weapons and defeat enemies along the way!
Rank: 1125Level: ★★★★
Run Away Train
Control the amusement park train in this adventure game!
Rank: 1198Level: ★★★
Escape the Hell - First Blood

Rank: 1198Level: ★★★
Police Team Rescue

Rank: 1198Level: ★★★★★

Level: ★★★★★
Indiana Jones
Help the adventurer find treasure in this adventure game!
Level: ★★★
Master of Catapult
Fire the cannon and defeat the enemies in this escape game!
Level: ★★★
TimeWarp V.2
Time warp and collect the crystals in this adventure game!
Level: ★★★
Use the beam to open up a path in this adventure game! You have to hit the big boulders with the beam for a long time!
Level: ★★★
Dragon: Fire & Fury

Level: ★★★
Fishy Rush

Level: ★★★
From Computer Kingdom

Level: ★★

Level: ★★★
Swindler 2

Level: ★★★★
Ninja Trouble
A ninja adventure game! Grab the orbs and heaf for the door!
Level: ★★★
Abduction XP
You've been abducted by aliens! Head for the goal in this action game! Don't fall or get hit by an enemy!
Level: ★★★
Cowboy Quest 2
Head for the door in this adventure game! Shoot your gun and operate the switches!
Level: ★★★
Red Balloon
Collect the red balloons in this adventure game! Don't fall or hit a thorn!
Level: ★★
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