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Sharp Trigger 2
Sharp Trigger 2
In Sharp Trigger 2, you start where we left off; You have just rescued the Delta team yet Biggs has been captured by rebels. Try to save Sergeant Biggs and stay alive! An intense shooter game with plenty of suspense and sniping modes.

<What You Need>
Mouse: to shoot
Space Bar: to reload
Q Key: to change the point of view
W Key: to raise your arm
S Key: to lower your arm
1 and 2 Keys: to change your weapon

<How to Play>
Defeat your enemies to clear the mission in this war game!

1. Click Play and Start Game, then choose the difficult level. Click continue on the lower right to start the battle!
2. As you progress, make sure to watch your remaining health and bullets!
☆ Stress Relief,Concentration,War games,Gun Shooting,Target Practice,Sniper ☆
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