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Kitty Kingdom
Kitty Kingdom
Join Sergeant Kitt as he defends the kingdom of Felis against the Canine Empire. Utilise a variety of weapons to defeat waves of horrible hounds, maurauding mutts, pillaging pooches and even some barking mad bosses. Upgrade your tower, recruit fellow soldiers and modify your weapons. Win the war for Felis and restore peace to the kingdom!

<What You Need>
Mouse: to shoot
Left, Right, and Up Arrow Keys: to move (hit the up arrow key near buildings to go to the top of the building)
Spacebar: to jump

<How to Play>
Protect the cats!

1. Click Play Game, Play Game, and then New Game.
2. Shoot the dogs coming from the left and right.
3. The number of bullets you have left is displayed on the top right.
4. If you run out of health or the buildings get destroyed, it's game over!
5. Use the money you save to upgrade!
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