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Slime Defender
Slime Defender
Defend yourself from the slimes in this tower defense game. Proudly sponsored by!

<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Defeat the slimes!

1. Click Continue, Start, and 1.
2. Choose the Towers you want, click Start, and then click Continue. The number you can choose is on the right.
3. The money you have is displayed on the top right. Buy the weapons on top and place them. When you're ready, click the skeleton mark.
4. Weapons that get separated from the gears won't move. Connect them to other weapons and walls. You can upgrade the weapons you've set by clicking on them. You can also choose the direction they shoot and sell them.
5. If the enemies reach the other side of the screen, you'll lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts, it's game over!
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