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<What You Need>
Mouse: to move, click to jump, click under the character to go down a step
Z and X Keys: to attack
Number Keys: (only in the castle conquest game) talk to your allies

<What You Need>
Fight with everyone!

1. Choose your nickname, your favorite color, and a character.
After you read the explanation, click to continue.
2. Choose your favorite stage.
3. Attack with the z and x keys.
If the attack gauge at the bottom runs out, you can't attack!
4. If your HP runs out, it's game over!
5. In the castle conquest game, you can send comments to your allies.
0: As you wish! 1: Attack! 2: Defend! 3: Thanks! 4: Please attack! 5: Please defend!
6: What next? 7: I'll support! 8: Sorry about that!
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