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《Remote Control》

The game is very simple Remote Control Game.

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TU 95
Experience what it's like to be a pilot in this plane game! Control the plane carefully and get it to the next landing strip safely!
Rank: 197Level: ★★★★★
Rollercoaster Creator 2
Make rollercoasters in thsi remote control game!
Rank: 277Level: ★★
Airport Management 2

Rank: 281Level: ★★★

Rank: 512Level: ★★★
Paper Train
Control the buttons so the trains don't crash in this train game!
Rank: 545Level: ★★★

Rank: 570Level: ★★★
Air Traffic Control
Move the plane to the designated area in this plane game!
Rank: 586Level: ★★★
Cover Orange Players

Rank: 636Level: ★★★

Rank: 636Level: ★★★
Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple

Rank: 762Level: ★★★
Snail Bob 3

Rank: 798Level: ★★★
Bravebull Pirates

Rank: 798Level: ★★★
Lucky Coins
Enjoy this fun coin toss game!
Rank: 901Level: ★★★
Jelly Cannon
Combine all the yellow jellies into one in this remote control game!
Rank: 901Level: ★★★★
Dash Or Crash
Don't let the cars in the intersection hit each other in this car game!
Rank: 960Level: ★★★★
Move the blocks to the indicated places in this brain training game!
Rank: 960Level: ★★★
Color Traffic
Control the intersection in this car game!
Rank: 960Level: ★★★

Rank: 1108Level: ★★★
Cat Around the World

Rank: 1108Level: ★★★
Red and Green 2
Feed the creatures candy in this remote control game! Give them candy that matches their color!
Rank: 1108Level: ★★★
Runaway Mermaid
A mermaid and a prince run away together in this adventure game!
Help them continue their adventure by working together!

Rank: 1108Level: ★★★★
Cheese Barn
Pick up the cheese in this remote control game! Think about the characteristics of the blocks and move them!
Rank: 1203Level: ★★★
Doctor Acorn 2

Rank: 1203Level: ★★★★
Cover Orange: Gangsters

Rank: 1203Level: ★★★
Ninja Sequence
Move the ninja in this remote control game!
Rank: 1203Level: ★★★
Dibbles 2: Winter Woes
Guide the king to the goal in this remote control game! Sacrifice your subjects to create a path!
Level: ★★★★
Cover Orange 2

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★★★★
Car Crossing

Level: ★★★
Ale or Gold

Level: ★★★★
Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
Guide the snail to the exit in this remote control game!
Click to hide him in his shell!
Level: ★★★
Balloons Vs Zombies 2
Throw knives in this zombie game! Don't hit the people!
Level: ★★★
Sugar Cannon
Feed the monster in this remote control game! Match the monsters and candy and don't let the monsters fall!
Level: ★★
Express Way
Control the signals in this train game! Try not to cause a train accident!
Level: ★★★
Smart Golf
Get the ball in the hole in this remote control game! The ball will keep rolling until it hits a wall!
Level: ★★
Home Sheep Home
Send all the sheep home in this remote control game! Use their size differences!
Level: ★★
Airport Management 1

Level: ★★★
Cover Orange: Space

Level: ★★★★★
Playful Kitty

Level: ★★★
The Parking Lot

Level: ★★★
Ninja Turtles Save New York

Level: ★★★★
Rotate & Roll
Hit the balls on the wooden stage with bubbles in this fun game!
Level: ★★★
Steam And Brass
Connect the steam pipes in this maze game!
Level: ★★★
Sugar, Sugar 2
Pour the sugar in the cup in this remote control game! Draw a perfect line for the sugar to travel!
Level: ★★★★
Fanged Fun
Guide the face blocks in this remote control game!
Level: ★★★★
Ninja Mushroom
Guide the mushroom through the forest in thsi remote control game!
Level: ★★★
Towing Mania
Tow the cars to the parking spaces in this pastime game!
Level: ★★★
Mr. Mine
Blast boulders and defeat enemies with dynamite in this maze game!
Level: ★★★
Fox'n'Roll PP

Level: ★★★
Train Controller

Level: ★★★★
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