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Free puzzle games and brain games that make you smarter.

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Delightful Mahjong
Erase pairs of tiles in this Sichuan mahjong game! You can only erase tiles on the outside, so think carefully as you play! Do your best to erase all the tiles within the time limit!
Rank: 1Level: ★★★★★
Mahjong Gardens
A traditional mahjong game! The amount of time you have to use the tiles is limited, so if you can't find a pair, shuffle and keep going! Can you perfectly gather all of the pairs?
Rank: 16Level: ★★★★
Line up the cards in descending order, alternating between red and black cards in this solitaire game! Think carefully and line up to erase all of the cards!
Rank: 41Level: ★★★
Mayan Caves
Connect to erase three or more of the same balls in this match 3 game! Erase all of the designated balls to continue to the next stage!
Rank: 99Level: ★★★
2020 Plus

Rank: 121Level: ★★★
Firework Columns
Line up and erase three or more of the same balls! Use the left and right arrows to decide the placement of the falling ball!
Rank: 129Level: ★★★
Brilliant Blocks 2
Line up three or more blocks of the same number or color to erase them in this match 3 game!
Rank: 138Level: ★★★★
Winter Mahjong
Erase pairs of the same tile and clear the board in this puzzle game!
Rank: 141Level: ★★★
Bomboozle 2
Erase lots of icons in this same game! Connect three or more icons of the same color and aim for a high score!
Rank: 144Level: ★★★
Easter Eggs
Line up four or more eggs of the same color to erase them in this match 3 game! Click the two eggs you want to exchange to move them. Erase lots at the same time to get a higher score!
Rank: 146Level: ★★★
2020 Blocks

Rank: 155Level: ★★★

Rank: 157Level: ★★★★★
Fishdom™ 2
Design the fish tank by solving puzzles in this match 3 game!
Rank: 165Level: ★★★★
Eleven Eleven

Rank: 176Level: ★★★
2020 Connect Deluxe

Rank: 182Level: ★★★
3D Reversi

Rank: 197Level: ★★★
Zoo Animals

Rank: 200Level: ★★★
Match 3 Balls
Gather balls of the same color in this match 3 game!
Rank: 223Level: ★★
Use your head and fill in the pictures in this painting game!
Rank: 227Level: ★★★
Mahjong Discovery

Rank: 232Level: ★★★★
Smarty Bubbles
Shoot bubbles in the Christmas night sky!
Rank: 232Level: ★★★
1010 Animals

Rank: 278Level: ★★★
Hex Puzzle

Rank: 281Level: ★★★
Virus Laboratory

Rank: 294Level: ★★★
Black White Chess
Train your brain in this reverse game!
Rank: 294Level: ★★★

Rank: 303Level: ★★★
Japanese Nonograms
Use the numbers on the top and left sides as hints for where to paint the squares in this logic puzzle game! Think about where to fill in the squares, and level up when you finish all the puzzles!
Rank: 315Level: ★★★★
Wizard Jewels

Rank: 315Level: ★★★
Jigsaw: Chilies
Complete the picture in this puzzle game!
Rank: 332Level: ★★★
2048 LINES

Rank: 332Level: ★★★
Treasure Keeper
Collect three or more of the same diamonds on this bubble shooter game!
Rank: 341Level: ★★★
2020 Deluxe

Rank: 349Level: ★★★
Candy Sicp and Slide

Rank: 349Level: ★★★★
Block N Roll

Rank: 354Level: ★★★★
Fairy Island
Erase the blocks to save the fairies! The fairies are trapped with crystals attached to blocks. Erase lots of blocks and save them!
Rank: 354Level: ★★
Easter Egg Matcher
Erase eggs of the same color in this match 3 game!
Rank: 389Level: ★★★
2048 Threes

Rank: 417Level: ★★★
Pearl Breaking

Rank: 427Level: ★★★
2020 Winterland

Rank: 437Level: ★★★
2048 City

Rank: 437Level: ★★★
I Love Mahjong
Match the cards to erase them in this mahjong game. Click the stacked tiles to erase them!
Rank: 452Level: ★★★★★
Reach 10

Rank: 482Level: ★★★
Fifteen Number Sliding Puzzle
Slide the puzzle and gather the numbers in this sliding puzzle game!
Rank: 494Level: ★★★
2020 Reloaded

Rank: 505Level: ★★★
Jungle Collapse 2
Connect the blocks to erase them in this puzzle game! Move the blocks and place bombs!
Rank: 505Level: ★★★
Daily Suguru

Rank: 505Level: ★★★
Get 10

Rank: 551Level: ★★★★
2020 Jelly Time

Rank: 565Level: ★★★
Egypt Crystals
Connect three or more of the same gems to erase them in this same game!
Rank: 565Level: ★★★
Bubble Shoot
Connect three or more of the same balloons and pop them with the water gun in this bubble shooter game!
Rank: 565Level: ★★★
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