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These are Rearing pet games.

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Little Farm Clicker

Rank: 64Level: ★★★
My Kingdom For The Princess

Rank: 65Level: ★★★
Jungle Shooter
Match three or more of the same fruits in this bubble shooter! You can also raise your pet with the fruit you harvest, so make sure to get a lot! Scatter the bats that appear to take your fruit!
Rank: 100Level: ★★★
Fish Crunch
Eat the smaller fish to get bigger in this pastime game!
Rank: 432Level: ★★★
2048 Grow Up

Rank: 480Level: ★★★
Cute Kitty Care

Rank: 657Level: ★★★
Build a city for yourself in this caretaker game!
Rank: 840Level: ★★★
Town Engineer
Create a town in this caretaker game! First, build house and collent rent!
Rank: 840Level: ★★
Happy Gardener 2
Raise your garden in this caretaker game!
Rank: 956Level: ★★★★
Mini Robot Wars
Train the robots in this caretaker game!
Rank: 1025Level: ★★★
jj's Flower Garden

Rank: 1081Level: ★★★★
Crazy Mommy Vs Daddy Caring

Rank: 1157Level:
Bulldozer Snake
Make the bulldozer longer and longer in this kids game!
Level: ★★★
Animal Raceway
Refine your players in the mini games and then win the race in this land game!
Level: ★★★
Happy Gardner

Level: ★★★
Baby Care Rush

Level: ★★★
Tactical Combat
The gods are fighting in this fighting game! Cast your spells freely!
Level: ★★★★★
The Vomitos
Feed the cute Vomitos character in this caretaker game!
Cloud Guardian
Take care of the planet in this caretaker game! Raise the trees and mountains! Watch out for rabbits!
Level: ★★★★★
Galaxy Explorer
Collect resources in this caretaker game! Watch your fuel usage and ship damage!
Level: ★★

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